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Ok , I'm picking up a 140 H3 in a couple of days , but know nothing about JDs . Anyone have any info on the hydraulics etc and how things are hooked up? Or a place to find a PDF manual etc ?

Also wondering if the on board hydraulics would be enough to run a splitter mounted to the front of the tractor .

Any info at all would be appreciated .

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Check out Weekend Freedom Machines.
They have all the background info you need on the 140 and the guys on the forum are very knowledgable with any questions you have.
The 140 H3 had 2 spools up front, specifically for up down/left right on the front balde, and option for one in the back, for tiller I think.
I would think you could run a splitter, but don't think there was an aftermarket one made. You would have to fab your own.
By the way, when you get it it.......:wwp:
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