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140 H1 snow blade ?

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I got single cylinder 54" snow blade for my H1. Waiting for snow. The question I have is, does my tractor have a float position for the blade? Do I need that?
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The H-1 does not have a float position but the blade does. Look at where the pin goes where the lift cyl. is attached to the mount there are two position's for the pin one allow's you to put down pressure on the blade the other allow's the blade to free float. Hope this help's .BILL
Can't tell in the first pic. but in the second pic. move the pin (with the small roll pin in the end) to the forward hole for free float. Look under the hinge assembly there is an L shaped block welded to the plow mount so that when the pin is in the forward pos. it will lift the blade but not put down pressure on it it is designed for float and allow's the cyl. to push past that point. The only down side to this is if you push the cyl. out too far when lowering the blade you have to wait for it to come back to that point before it start's to lift the blade and slow's down the lift. It is hard to explain but if you try it you will see what I mean. It is a nice simple piece of engineering. Before I forget it is also the reason they used 1/2 bolt's with self locking nut's so that hinge assembly can move freely. BILL
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Contadino no problem it's great when we can help one another your 140 look's like mine a 72 with only one brake pedal and no cutout in the rear fender for the 3 point basically a 120 with 14 horse engine you can also use the same manual angle kit used on the 43 blade not as nice as hyd. angle but still beats getting off the seat to adj. the blade angle I used one for years on my H1. Cat 385 the second pic. of the blade is the old style like mine with the Jpin lock on top of the blade made around 69-70 the latter style had the lock for the trip on the side like the blade in the first pic. mine was a patio white blade that I painted yellow and it is now on my 425 using the AL-Z frame squeeze it was on my 140 for year's and worked great. BILL
With the pin out extend the cyl. out a little and you should have plenty of room for the pin, unless a previous owner changed something. BILL
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