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140 Clutch Question

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I was reading through the service manual for the 140 (30,000 and up) got to the section on power train and so I went out to look over my tractor and make sure I could find everything and I certainly cannot find the throwout arm and bearing.

I've searched here and on WFM and cannot find anything definitive. Did JD get rid of the engine disconnect on the later model 140's? Any body know why?


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Guys, I know this is an old thread.

But I am reviving it because it is one of the few discussions of this engine-disconnect/neutral-return feature on the 140s. In doing some general parts research, I came across information which answers the o.p.'s question and maybe resolves this small mystery.

Jeff/jphavener was asking whether the later 140s have the engine disconnect feature. The answer is that it depends on how you define "later 140".

My 1972 140 H3 is usually considered a "later model". It has the 14 HP engine, dual drum steering brakes, the new style rear hydrostatic transmission, 1" front spindles, cassette style front wheel bearings, beefier rear axle, new style rear axles and hubs with inboard seals, etc.

And by depressing the left pedal, it also has both the neutral-return and the engine-disconnect feature, just like Glockem's (I believe he was referring to his 1971).

However, the engine disconnect feature was eliminated on 140 H3 models in early 1973 starting with Ser. # 46884. For H1 models, the engine disconnect feature was elminated at the beginning of model year 1972 starting with Ser. # 38001. Note that the change occured at the beginning of 1972 for H1, and a very short-way into model year 1973 for H3 models.

In the schematics below, the first has a clutch assembly (part# 13) which the second lacks. The entire first assembly is called the "engine disconnect drive shaft" style, and the second is simply called the "driveshaft" assembly.

So among the later model 140s, all H1s from 1972 and later will lack the engine disconnect feature. With H3 models, nearly all '73 and all '74 models will lack the engine disconnect feature. 1972 H3s and a very few early '73s have the engine disconnect feature.


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Yeah, this would explain why there has been so much confusion. Folks with '73 and '74s have been insisting that the pedal does not disconnect the engine from the tranny. And those of us with earlier models routinely use the pedal at start-up to make for easier starts -- we can hear it connect and spin-up the tranny when we let up on the pedal.

I am pleased my '72 has this feature -- it really does make a big difference when starting, especially in cold weather. It also allows the use of a front 540 PTO or hydraulic pump when stationary without the engine having to power the transmission simultaneously.
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