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Our first "real" snow, and turns out we get 14 inches of the stuff right away!

I "felt" it was coming, dug out the snow-blower (old craftsman Beast, 8 HP), and knew the old angle-valve that was tank mounted, had a leak in it.

Knowing that "leak's", NEVER get better...only worse, I pulled the tank, and worked the old valve out.
Noticed that this type of valve was some kind of "push-in" type that I have never seen before (limited experience with small engines!), and that the old rubber type of FLAT O-ring, was hard, and not pliable anymore and most likely the cause of the leak.

Don't know how easily I could find one of these, so I did something entirely different, I drilled out the existing opening, picked up a Bulk-head fitting, with internal 1/8" pipe tapping, put a brass 90* into it, and then a 1/8" ball valve, with an 1/8" male -by- barb fitting to connect the fuel line into it.

Still haven't found a good fuel filter, but I NEEDED it last night, with all the snow!

Tell me what you guys think of this idea!! I think I'll just pick up a small 1/8" brass "Y" Strainer, and put it after the ball valve.
It will last forever, and I can "blow" it down as needed.

If anyone is interested, I can take a pic or two to show what I did. Can't promiss any good pic's, all I have is my cell phone camera!

Here's a pic of the Old Beast;

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