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1365 oliver 3 pt hitch problems

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Anyone here familiar with a 1365 Oliver 3pt hitch ? It will come up on it's own but if I put all my weight on it 160lbs it will not lift me up if I let it come up and push back down it will hold me just will not pickup with an attachment on. Last winter it worked fine till it got real cold out I went to crank it over and the pump made alot of grinding noises that were not good to say the least i drained the oil I had slushie chunks of ice in it heated up bottom of pan with torch was able to get it all out filled backup with oil mind you this was in dead of winter... and seemed fine plowed the rest of the winter no problem. this summer I've not been able to get it to come up with an attachment if theres nothing on it it will come up and down with the draft control lever I've checked the filter its good even drained a little oil out and it seems fine bought a gauge to test the auxiliary ports are making 2500 2800 psi if you continue to rev it up around 1500 1800 rpm pressure increases as of now when tractors running theres no abnormal noises from the hydraulic pump up by the fan tractor seems to run fine right now I'm using a hydraulic cylinder for my top link to raise and lower my back blade if anyone has any ideas or tricks I'm open to try anything
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Have you found an answer to your problem? My 1365 is doing the same.
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