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129 Engine rebuild?

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The engine in my 129 has really been burning oil so I decided to rebuild it. I have the engine out, the head is off, removed the carb and starter generator, coil and all the wiring. I'm not sure how to get the front pto off of the engine. Can anyone help. Once I remove that I'll get the bottom pan off so that I can get to the crank and piston. Thanks!!
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Thta's a mechanical PTO, correct? If so, you will need a good quality 1/8" allen wrench.

Here's the mechanical PTO that was on my K-301 in my 125

You will have to line up the hole with the set screws ( RED arrow ) with the cutouts ( BLUE outline ) to use the allen (hex ) wrench to remove them.

If you already have the engine out, simply bump the center button ( GREEN arrow) with a hammer while you turn it by hand to line up the hole and cut out.

I would clean out hose holes as well as possible. PB Blaster, KROIL, compressed air, something to get them clean. Put the allen wrench in and make sure it goes down in the set screw. Then loosen it ( " righty tighty --lefty loosy" ) . Remove that set screw.

There is ANOTHER set screw underneath. Yes, two in each hole. Remove the other one. Repeat for the other two holes.

Now gently tap while working your way around to get it off the bearing it rides on. There will three anti rattle clips on the friction plate to catch too.

Once the PTO is off..

Now there is the bearing plius the eccentric collar to remove. In the picture you can see the hole in the collar, one the other side is a set screw and nut. Remove them.

Using a punch, tap that hole to loosen up eccentric collar. ( if it doesn't loosen one way, try the other way ). Once it's loose, pull the bearing straight off. That's a home made puller I made.

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Outstanding write-up Jeff, and exactly what I needed to know for my next step on the 147. Thanks a million.
If bad things happen and you strip out the hex in the set screw, you will have to drill them out.

First, use a "f" drill ( .2570 ) to make a perfectly centered spot in the set screw. Only use that drill bit size to center your starting spot. Then use a 3/16" ( .1875 ) drill and drill slow (RPM ) since the set screws are hard. Make sure you are drilling straight. Once you get thru, open up that hole ( if needed ) with a 13/64 ( .2031 ) drill and then clean the threads with a 1/4-20 NC tap AFTER it's off.

Here's another helpful hint when you put it back together.

Use the shortest bolt in this location. Otherwise it will hit the flywheel and you may think something is wrong internally in the engine. BTDT :banghead3
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to post the excellent directions on removing the mechanical pto on my 129 as well as the great pictures. Like they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words." This will help tremendously with my engine rebuilding of my K-301.
You're welcome :trink39:

I put together a "how to" on the rebuild of my 125 K-301 on Corvette Forum in Off Topic. Username JRD77VET and use "cub cadet 125 rebuild" as your search ( I don't have the link handy )

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