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1276 help

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What year might this be? He said 12 horse motor and 50 in deck,I am going Saturday to trade for it just looking for a little info.he said it all original and cig lighter workse,and what's auto drive?
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Sorry here,


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Just got it home, it started and drove on my trailer and off I left it on trickle charge and went shopping now it wont turn over and the coil is hot.any ideas? thanks in advance
False alarm the points seem like they was stuck I just ran it around the yard and I like it. The auto drive makes it feel like an old tractor. This might be the new favorite for a while
Its in great shape for its age I think.all original I need to figure out what the black box is on top of the starter and how it all works. Its a little before my time but it seems pretty simple too.I will be spending a little time on it came with a plow but I already have the 414-8 all ready with a plow so I might just leave the deck on for now.I will have to see what one would be best to push with I would hate to tear up an auto trans knowing the other has low gears
Thanks dave I will change them asap,you guys are big helps
this mower starts with even a hint of it turning over but at times I have to help that gen/starter get it to spin the motor,is this a start of needing to rebuild that or can that voltage regulator need adjusted?
I saw one of them on ebay I put a bid on it thinking I may need it someday but the one mounted atm look pretty darn good.
Great info dave,thanks a bunch
its going to rain me out of work tomorrow so I plan on changing all oils and checking the volts as you said the battery has been holding charge so far I just have to barely help the motor turn by hand at times but I am amused at how easy of a roll over starts it up
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