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Hey Bolens gurus.

I'm trying to decode the serial numbers on my tractors and am having no luck scouring MTF or the innernets.

okay, so I have apparently a rare 1255 model. I say rare because upon searching mtf, a few people have described them as rare. Sonny's bolens site has nothing in regards to the 1255, it's missing from the timeline. anyone? the serial number is 0101252 if that helps.

I bought a 1253 today, decent shape. looked at the model number - 1253-02. sonny's has info for the 1253, the 1253-01, but the -02 doesn't exist. serial number is 60900

anyone have any info about these tractors, or can you point me in the direction of a website that does? :trink39:

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Your 1255 is more commonly known as a G-12, made in '76 and '77. I'm not sure about the 1253. They had an 01 and 02 on the 1053 which is the same tractor except for the engine. My guess is the 1253 would have had the same change and it just got left out of the book.
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