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1253 owners i need decals..plz

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does anyone know where i may get decals for a 1253
i contacted sam he said he doesn't have them but would make them if he had
pics and dimensions...i know its asking a lot
but any help would be greatly appreciated
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OK, my 1253 was repainted by a previous owner, but I believe the decals are original (masked around). Here are a few pics. According to the pictures on the manual, there should also be a red stripe on the front and sides.

In the front picture, the decal is "chrome".

On the sides, the word "Husky" and numbers "1253" are approximately 9/16 inch tall. The numbers "253" are about 5/8 inches wide (the 1 is obviously narrower). The letters are white though you can see where the white has scrubbed off the O and L to show "chrome" under it.

I didn't include a picture of my dash since it's pretty messed up, but it looks like the 1476 dash on Sam's web site.

BTW: I know the hood looks funky raised like that (for the diesel). I'll raise the dash to match when I figure out how to raise the steering wheel for finger room.



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What make diesel and HP?
It's a Chinese clone of the Yanmar L100 with 11 HP. If you search the forum, you'll find a couple of other people have installed these in garden tractors.

Frugal, can you please tell me where you got your diesel? Maybe a web page?
The company I bought from doesn't seem to be selling them anymore and I'm not sure I would recommend them. Some people have had good luck with Carroll Stream, but they were out of stock when I was ready to buy.

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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