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1253 owners i need decals..plz

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does anyone know where i may get decals for a 1253
i contacted sam he said he doesn't have them but would make them if he had
pics and dimensions...i know its asking a lot
but any help would be greatly appreciated
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I'll look through some of my old manuals and see if I happen to have anything for the 1253....i'll write back if i find anything
:( I looked and couldn't find anything , even looked for pics. on the internet of the decals but nothing came up. hopefully you can find someone who has the same tractor. sorry I couldnt help you. Good luck on your search for the decals.
OK, my 1253 was repainted by a previous owner, but I believe the decals are original (masked around). Here are a few pics. According to the pictures on the manual, there should also be a red stripe on the front and sides.

In the front picture, the decal is "chrome".

On the sides, the word "Husky" and numbers "1253" are approximately 9/16 inch tall. The numbers "253" are about 5/8 inches wide (the 1 is obviously narrower). The letters are white though you can see where the white has scrubbed off the O and L to show "chrome" under it.

I didn't include a picture of my dash since it's pretty messed up, but it looks like the 1476 dash on Sam's web site.

BTW: I know the hood looks funky raised like that (for the diesel). I'll raise the dash to match when I figure out how to raise the steering wheel for finger room.



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Contact Maple-Hunter Lawn & Garden Tractor Decals, PO BOX 9891, College Station, Texas 77842 Phone 979-693-3619 They did have them and they do real nice work at a reasonable price.
thank you so much for the pictures and measurements
im sure they could make them from your pictures :)
thank you again
mower graveyard
thank you for the info as well :)
im calling them tomorrow
What make diesel and HP?
It's a Chinese clone of the Yanmar L100 with 11 HP. If you search the forum, you'll find a couple of other people have installed these in garden tractors.

Minocqa, did you have any luck getting new decals?

Frugal, can you please tell me where you got your diesel? Maybe a web page?

Frugal, can you please tell me where you got your diesel? Maybe a web page?
The company I bought from doesn't seem to be selling them anymore and I'm not sure I would recommend them. Some people have had good luck with Carroll Stream, but they were out of stock when I was ready to buy.

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Thanks Frugal. I tried Google these engines and came up with nothing.
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