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1238-G cleaned up (pics)

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Okay guys, I posted some questions about the 1238-G about a month ago. This was my wife's grandpa's. My father in law let me pull it out of the barn and start tinkering with it.

The story goes is that his dad traded a weedeater for it. It didn't run when he got it and after about 10 years no one had fooled with it and it had been sitting the whole time. I got really lucky with this one. I've probably got a whole $40 in it right now and my father in law is right now cutting grass with it. I put new belts on it, put a new cog on the starter, bought a starter selenoid for it, spark plug and put a new battery in it....oh yeah and a can of slime for the right rear tire.

I got the sponge out and washed it up a little bit today. Not much but it''s good enough for some pics.

It's running right now. My father in law got off of it so I could take the pics

The headlights still work, someone broke out the screen that covers the headlights (you can see some of the plastic still) but I don't mind the look of it with it off.

It has a couple scratches, but really the paint is in great shape to be 24 years old!

You like my seat? It was too low and hitting the battery when I put it on first, so for the time being I've got a couple slats of wood to set it up higher. Eventually I plan on fabbing up a better mount for the seat, just haven't got around to it.

So what do you guys think? I know alot of people don't know much about he 1238's, so I figured I'd show it off a little bit.

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While they aren't a 400, 800, 8000, Professional -G, I don't knock them. I own a 1232-H infact. :D

There should be two formed metal channels that the sliding seat frame bolts to. Those appear to be missing.
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