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1220 v cadet

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How does a 1220 compare in size/weight to a 124 or 122 cub cadet? Are parts easy to find? I might go look at one this weekend. I'm not familiar with a Bolens, what are problem areas to check? Tecumseh engine - some parts for these are getting hard to find.

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In size and weight, they seem to be very close.

Here are two links that you can use for a bit of comparison.

Don't worry about the fact that the Bolens listed is a 1050 vs a 1220. There was very little difference in the Bolens tube frame tractors other than engine/horse power, so a lot of parts are interchangeable from tractor to tractor. Also, almost ALL of the tube frame attachments will fit any other tube frame. That makes finding attachments a lot easier.

I don't know about the CCs, but the 1220 has a 3 Sp trans with hi/lo range, and a controlled differential that when 'locked', gives you all of the traction you can use.
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