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1220 v cadet

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How does a 1220 compare in size/weight to a 124 or 122 cub cadet? Are parts easy to find? I might go look at one this weekend. I'm not familiar with a Bolens, what are problem areas to check? Tecumseh engine - some parts for these are getting hard to find.

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In size and weight, they seem to be very close.

Here are two links that you can use for a bit of comparison.

Don't worry about the fact that the Bolens listed is a 1050 vs a 1220. There was very little difference in the Bolens tube frame tractors other than engine/horse power, so a lot of parts are interchangeable from tractor to tractor. Also, almost ALL of the tube frame attachments will fit any other tube frame. That makes finding attachments a lot easier.

I don't know about the CCs, but the 1220 has a 3 Sp trans with hi/lo range, and a controlled differential that when 'locked', gives you all of the traction you can use.
Chuck,was this the one in roopville?I called the guy but got no reply.It looked pretty good. Mel
If you ever end up with a Bolens tube frame tractor you will like it. As mentioned attachments are pretty available as most will interchange. To give you an idea here are some of the tube frame models with lots of interchangable parts. 1050, 1053, 1054, 1220, 1225, 1253, 1254, 1256, 1257, g10, g11, g12, h14, 1556, h16. These tractors are as well built as the old cubs.

I find them easy to work on with the hh series tech engines or Wisconsin engines. They are mounted with shaft facing front/rear and when the hood is open there is full access to everything. You don't need to remove 1/2 the tin to work on these tractors.
Both the Bolens and he Cub Cadets are well built.While parts for the Cub Cadet are easier to find right away you can still find a ton of Bolens parts when you look around a little bit. I own a few Bolens' like a 1050 and a 850 and also two Cub Cadets, a 147 and a 104. Personally I feel the Bolens tractors are easier to work, specificly the driveshaft area. On a Bolens you still have to crawl under the tractor some but most of it can also be accessable from the top of the tractor too. Compared to a narrow frame Cub Cadet in which you can only access most of the driveshaft area from the underside of the tractor. Also as Ed-nh said the engines are also easier to work on. For example if you wanted to remove the engine form each you can easily have the Bolens engine out in 10 minutes compared to a Cub cadet in which there is a lot more stuff to work around.
Yes, it is in Roopville. I sent an email for the ad on craigslist but have not gotten a response at this time.

I just checked craigslist and the ad has been removed. Oh well.

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