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1220 (S753 Shibaura) Repower

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I am in the process of planning a repower of my 4WD 1220 HST with FEL. This tractor has the Shibaura S753 diesel engine. Based on my research, this engine is also found in the 1310, CM222, CM224, TC18 along with the Shibaura ST318 and ST320. Therefore, this thread should help anyone repowering those machines as well. I believe that the Perkins 403C-11 / CAT 1.1 is a bolt in replacement with a few mods. One mod that is required is to reroute the air intake. Another issue is the loss of the tach drive. I can work around those issues. One unknown (at least to me) is if can simply unbolt the engine driven Hydraulic pump fromt the S753 and bolt it on to the 403C-11 or the CAT 1.1. If anyone has information on the pump compatibility of these engines, I would very much like to hear about it. Also, any other things to think/worry about during the repower project would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance!
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Just in case you are wondering why I need to replace instead of rebuild... The Ford 1220 sucked in part of an injector and destroyed the piston and cylinder. I suspect the crank and/or rod is also damaged. At 2500 hours, I guess something like this was expected.


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Should be an interesting project. I can't help as I have a Ford 1100 with a smaller Shibaura (13 hp). I am very surprised that there are bolt in replacements.

Good luck
As I was searching for places to get rid of my smoked Shibaura S753 engine, I stumbled across my old post on MTF. I realized that I probably should have posted what it took to get the 1220 running again. Hopefully this info will help someone in a similar situation.

After lots of shopping I found a low hour S723 engine from a Ford 1210 that had a blown PTO. I bought the motor after seeing a video of it running (no smoke, no blow-by) and had it shipped 1500 miles (freight) to a friend's loading dock (approx $1200 delivered). While the S723 is rated for less horsepower than the S753, it is almost a perfect direct bolt in replacement. My Ford 1120 with FEL also has the S723 engine, so I had 0 concern about the slight reduction in horsepower. If I ran implements off of the PTO, I may have had a different opinion.

I had to move the following components from the S753 to the S723 to make it fit the 1220 Tractor:
- Engine backing plate (and moved 2 alignment dowels)
- Flywheel (the 1210 was Gear, the 1220 is Hydro)
- Starter (the S723 didn't come with one)
- Muffler
- Fuel Injector fuel shut-off solenoid
- Hydraulic pump gear
- Hydraulic pump
- Power steering resevoir
- Power steering pump (see below)

Now the part that makes this motor almost a 100% fit... This particular year engine did not have a removable cover on the front of the timing gear case, opposite the hydraulic pump. That is not the case with all S723s (the engine in my 1120 does have the removable plate). Since the 1220 has power steering, the power steering pump is supposed to bolt onto the timing gear case, opposite the hydraulic pump.

The correct solution would have been to move the timing gear case from the smoked S753 to the S723. I looked at that project and I believe I would have had to remove the fuel injector pump. Not wanting to learn about injector timing, I opted to just dremel out the aluminum blank that covered the front of the hydraulic pump gear. With the hydraulic pump and hydraulic gear off of the engine, I put a shop vac on one side of the timing gear plate and proceeded to grind out the hole needed for the power steering pump.This hack took about 30 minutes and saved me from messing with the injector timing.

I put the power steering pump on and the machine is up and running with no leaks. The 1220 still has enough power to flip the tractor with the loader.

I had no idea how much I hated the 3x9 tranny on the 1120 until I cleared
4 foot snow drifts out of my driveway with the Hydro 1220.
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This is an interesting thread!! Good Read and good information!! Thanks for the report!! I have a 1500 with 690 hrs on it. It had 551 on it when I bought it last September and is the best tool I have ever bought. I spent two hrs on it last night mowing grass over the hood. Here in Iowa it has been raining at least every other day for 3 months and this is the first time it was dry enough to mow the pasture. I would buy another Shibara Ford in a heartbeat. I would like to find a good 1200 series to set up to mow my 1 1/2 acre lawn. I have a couple good GT's but there is a world of difference when you go compact.
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