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12 VDC hydraulic power unit

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Has anyone used a 12 VDC hydraulic power unit to operate a hydraulic lift bucket? I have worked on liftgates on pick ups and big rigs and it would seem a natural fit for a small tractor.

Would need to beef up the electrical system with a larger battery but I see no reason why it would not be doable. The price for a hydraulic unit starts around $400.00

Hoses, hydraulic cylinders, etc could be fitted to a small framework on a garden tractor. I have seen some on the forum using a winch to assist with the lift but hydraulics makes a lot more sense and is versatile in how you set it up to operate.

On a commercial unit, lift and bucket speed may be an issue but for a homeowner just moving dirt and trying to save his back I don't think it would be.

Anyone done this so I don't reinvent the wheel?
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I've seen talk about this, and this is only my opinion. Many little tractors have a VERY limited charging system, so putting in a larger battery isn't the whole picture. You may want to consider belting up a hi capacity alternator to the engine.

I'm actually considering going the "other" way. Around here, things are pretty basic--no frame up restores, just useability. I recently bought a 102 Cub Cadet, and am considering "beefing" it in some ways. One is adding hydraulics. I've got a Toyota steering pump---remote resevoir--and a small dual spool valve.
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