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112 vs 210

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I love my 112 but i also like the 210 model which is basicly the same tractor just newer and different frame i think. I am wondering which tractor is better tho, 112 or 210? Which tractor is more valuble? Which one is easier to get attachments for?
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They use the same attachments, so that isn't a problem. I would keep your 112 because the 200 series are much heavier. Unless you find a 214 or 216 with hydraulic lift, then keep your 112.
Thanks for the reply. I need to find some kind of Deere to go with the 112 lol i use to have two 318 projects but was an idiot and sold both of them for very cheap, along with a nice Cub 102 and Case 444.
I would look for a 110H so it would be a pair and they could share attachments.
BTW, cool signature pics. My friend had a '67 F100 shortbed.
I didnt know i had any sig pics lol i use to but i changed it many times since then. I think i will keep a eye out for a 110H or another 112H.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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