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111 wiring questions

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Hi guys, I am normally over at the ford and Sears sections. I have a question about a wiring harness maybe you guys can help me with. I'm not very JD knowledgeable at this point.

My neighbor recently acquired an 83 111 without a motor and he is having me put a motor in it. I am using a 12.5hp briggs model 28r707 1120-e1. I know which wires are which on the briggs, yellow to magneto and red from stator to key switch. I got a complete tractor that I pulled the motor from and traced the wires on the briggs.

But on the JD, there are 2 wires, A red and white wire, I'm not too sure of where they go. It looks to me that the red wire would go to the stator, since it comes off the solenoid, to kill the engine when the key is turned off:dunno:. But the white wire is where I am stumped because it has a small eyelet on the end of it. Does the white wire go to the magneto on the engine? You can see what I have to work with in the pic below. Let me know if I'm missing anything. :thanku: Bob.

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Awesome Thanks for the pics Buckeye. This will help out quite a bit.:thanku::trink40: Will let you know how it works when I'm done.
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