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110 with tiller mounted with lift

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Took some pictures of the 31 tiller on the 110 with the Linear Actuator hooked up and working,it surprised me because it really works nice and raises and lowers fast and no elbow grease involved.When the tiller is at it's lowest point it has a dead weight of 11 pounds because of the mysterious spring I put on for a helper.You kinda have to overlook the horse shoe bracket,all I had was a vice and a pipe wrench,One picture is of the new and old belt on the variator,the old one is 1/2 thick as the new one because it was under the guide on the motor instead of over it.


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:sidelaugh:sidelaugh:sidelaugh Well I guess that spring is for a 31 tiller... Who knew? :dunno:
I'm not sure of your design,but from my own expieriance can the tiller "float?" I have a tiller on my 1050 Bolens and made my own lift mechanism,which was solid,and the tiller would push the tractor out of control. Hit a rock,hold on. Just my .02. Unless you are tilling sandy loose ground,it could be a handfull.
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What, no full size shots showing the tiller and tractor together?
Here is a picture of the full rig... from a previous thread. Good looking unit.

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Thanked deerenut,just got back from looking at a 214, might put the tiller on it
Heck yea, awesome.
That would give you some more horse power to turn that tiller. :thThumbsU

I am looking for a 214 with Hydraulic lift myself right now. They are hard to come by up here in Ontario... :crybaby:
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