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110 W/recoil starter?

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Any early JD 110's with rope start? Found one advertised as 100% original but has manual start (rope pull) ....
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As others has said no 110 with recoil starters were ever sold. Seems like there have been a bunch of people drop Briggs recoil starts in them....

Do you have any pictures?
I agree with SJ, looks like a Kohler but it was replaced at some point and the recoil start was added.

It would be easy to convert it back... but you would need about $300 in parts... PTO cover, Flywheel cover, Starter/Generator... and some other small bits.

Or you could run it like that and have fun. :fing32:

Based on the serial number it is a 1966
Looks like it was painted over or it missing... cant tell with the shadows... the key switch is right next to the serial number tag....

Deere actually marketed these machines as being triple safe...

1) Key switch
2) Neutral switch
3) PTO swtich
From Tractor data: 1966 would be from is that translated from SNT1031058458M ?
SNT1031 is the type code. Type code would specify lift (manual or hydraulic) and tire option... narrow/wide and turf/ag style.

The actual serial number is 058458.... which puts it mid/late 1966.

1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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