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110 mower deck, what other models fit?

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I have 39 inch deck and know of the 47 inch was option. Only these sizes? Just ran across 160 model deck for sale.
Ask because I do see plenty from 200's they claim will bolt right up.
Is somewhere here that has fitment chart for LT & GT as well as series up or down?

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Only decks from the 112 and 200/208/210/212/214/216 will fit on the 110. I wouldn't try the 47 deck if you have an 8 HP. They can handle the 39 deck just fine, but the 8 HP, and even the 10 HP, have trouble running the 47 deck.
Deck is for 10 hp with 39 inch. Still will repair this one just ask because of 160 unit 46 inch deck for sale CL for $60
A few 200 series decks selling for $350 around here. Wanted to expand search knowing what will fit the 110's.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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