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110 and 210 parts on eBay

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I've parted out a few 110s and 200 series GTs in the past mostly on eBay and have done pretty well. I currently have a 110 and a 210 that I am parting. I had 8 listings this past week for parts from a 110 and only two sold and they sold for almost was the speed variator handle assembly in good working condition and it went for $2.45, in the past I got over $20 for one in similar condition. Is this just a bad time of year to sell parts for them because it's the end of the mowing season? I know the economy sucks but it sucked when I parted out the last two JDs and I didn't have this problem......I guess it's all in the timing.

BTW I don't just part these wonderful machines....if it's worth it I fix and keep some, resell others. I have a 216, 175 and Scott's 1642 that I use, two 111s that I'm reselling and a 110 and 210 that I'm parting. I have some other makes as well but really like the color Green the best.
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Yeah - doesn't seem like stuff is going for much. I've been watching hydraulic lifts for 110s go for less than expected and I have a bunch of stuff left over from DeereZilla that I've been debating putting up but stuff that sells for $5 just isn't worth the effort. I didn't want to part DeereZilla but once I found that the crank was bad it just wasn't worth the time and effort to spend ~$100+ more to bring back a $500 tractor that couldn't accept front attachments.
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