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10525 wheel lockup?

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There is a 10525 for sale in my area and the seller said there is a problem with the wheels locking up. He said sometimes when you disengage the bail to back the mower up the wheels will lock up and then when you engage the bail, the mower will take off really fast. My question is, is this a common problem? And if so, is there an easy fix? Thanks!
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The differentials on a 10525 release after you let it roll a few inches forward after releasing the bail. That would be normal if he didnt allow it to roll forward enough to release the differentials. The only reason I can think of that it will take off really fast is if it is in 3rd gear. But it does have a pretty solid grip to take off, no slipping and sliding if you pull full grip on the bail.

10525 is a hard to find, highly sought after model. If its a great deal dont pass it up.
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I have a 10525. Fought the lockup of the wheels for a couple of years. I found that the safety shield on the back of the mower was the cause. When you pulled the mower backwards, the shield would roll under the back of the mower and the rolled edge would go under the tranny and raise it up, in effect engaging the drive wheels. You may want to try raising the wheels a bit on your mower and see if that eliminates the lock up, as the tranny would be higher than the shield. Otherwise, maybe cut the rolled porton off the shield that would come into contact with the trans.
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I only had that problem with the trailing shield if mowing 1 or 1.5 inches. If Im scalping my lawn I just tie it back for that one mowing.
Same here with the trailing shield. Problem solved by cutting about an inch off the shield. If too much grass (clippings) gets under the the mower, it will also not let the tranny come back down to release as well. Get the 10525, it sounds like a simple quick fix issue.
I mow my yard on 3 inches and the training shield rolls under and does the same thing not letting the tranny come back down and release, like the others said grab it they are a hard to find mower....
You dont even need a trailing sheild on these mowers anyway with the long rear deck for self propel.
Hello everyone,I am new here,what a great forum,this is the best,learned a whole lot of stuff here.
Well,let me begin by saying this is my 1st post,and ironically,the mower in question in this thread is mine,unfortunately the trailing shield is not the problem,it does it with it off or on,no difference.
I did have this all apart and thought maybe it was something internal,it wasn't.Everything looked good,except for the ever so obvious always in there hardened old LB grease,Of course I cleaned out all the old grease,replaced it with Mobil 1 synthetic,cleaned all internal parts with a kerosene wash and Kroil penetrating oil(whole can),still the same.
My thoughts are if someone was to buy this,they would need new clutch washers,friction rings,and possibly 2 new keys,although the old ones do not look bad at all,and it should be good to go.Maybe 20-30 bucks in the whole thing,I just have no use for the dura-forces,I,in my opinion think they are way overrated,I have 2 nice Gold 10546's I wouldn't sell or trade at all,and my 2 S21ZSNs are unbelievable,very little maintenance if any,except of course preventative.I also have a 7227,a S21EST(680546),all great mowers.So I guess I am an F man at heart,although I do love the "D" series engines also.

Any how,thanks for letting me join the forum and I will be posting regularly guys,what a great place to be.:trink39: :trink39: :trink39: :thThumbsU
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Hey guys,Matt came over and bought this,nice guy,knows his lawnboys,hope he has great luck with it,it really was a nice clean mower,he also has a buddy that works on them too,so they will get it remedied quick I am sure,good luck with your new mower Matt and thanks buddy,if you need anything,give me a call or e-mail me.:thThumbsU :trink39: :thThumbsU
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Welcome to the forum Storman, you sound like a heck of a guy helpin Matt out like that and by explaining what you did to the mower to try and get the transmission figured out. Glad to have you and we look forward to you posting here again.:trink40:
Thanks to everyone for your replies. As Norm said, I bought the mower from him this afternoon. I don't post here a lot, but I browse the forum and let me tell you Norm will fit right in here. He really knows his Lawn Boys and is a great guy. Thanks for hooking me up Norm!
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