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10515 gear case problem

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I have a 10515 Lawn Boy it is in excellent cosmetic condition I bought it from the original owner who said he used it less than ten times and then put it in storage because he didn't like the staggered deck. It runs great and the paint is almost flawless but for some reason it is hard to shift the mower from one gear to another I tried to move the yoke but even trying to move it by hand it is hard. once you force it into gear with the lever the self propel works fine but I know it shouldn't be this hard to shift. Does anyone have any suggestions before I open up the gear case assembly on what to look for? I'm positive it isn't the cable.
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If not what echoman says (I agree- check that first), the gearbox isn't hard to rebuild on a 10515 as I did mine this past summer. There are shift keys/ pins in there as I replaced those and both the input/output beveled gears that mesh together when self propelling. Your various gears outside of the ones I mentioned are probably good as they are hard parts. It's not tough if you have to go that route (plan for 2-3 hrs total if you work slow) and parts are available. I think my parts were around $50 or so..... Hope it's an easy fix for you!
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