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1050 Seat and Steering wheel cap wanted

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Where can I get a new correct red seat for my 1050?

I also need a steering wheel center cap. The literature I have shows it to be Clear with a knurled edge and the "man" in the center.


Mike B :)
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He sure is proud of the steering wheel caps, ain't he?
... I think I'll just put a universal seat on it for now and if I ever do a full restore I'll redo the original seat then. ...
My G10 has a replacement seat, and the only thing I did was remove the HONDA sticker that was on it.

I don't care what the "Correct Police" might say. ALL of my Bolens are working tractors, not "Trailer Queens".

If someone is going for a "museum quality" restoration, then it would make a difference, but for a working tractor, I say use what ever works.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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