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1045 won't start and headlights blew out.

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I went to start my normally reliable 1045. And she wouldn't turn over. I got another 12 volt battery and hooked it up, and shazam the thing started right up. Unhooked the battery, let it run a while. Then I went to rev it up to cut and the headlights blew out, and the PTO won't engauge. The 20AMp fuse is still good. I found a relay alongside of the fuse. could that be bad? Did I blow a voltage regulator? The thing won't start now, something is shorted or something. I put a volt meter across the starter relay and it just goes to nothing and doesn't start. Help!
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Just checked, when I revved up the engine I'm reading 22.5 volts at the headlight socket. Gotta be the voltage regulator. Would this have screwed up my PTO? Starter Relay? Ignotion switch? I guess I'm in for a trip to the dealer. I think I'm still under the 3 year warranty.
No, battery is hooked up and original. Haven't replaced it or anything. Could the battery be shorted or something?
The damage was possibly done when you had it running and removed the battery while it was still running.. Some systems need the battery to regulate the voltage and prevent problems.. I would look for another fuse or a fusible link on the start/ignition wire (usually hooked on the battery side of the solenoid) and trace the circuitry with a test lite to the ign. switch and on forward through the start/run circuit.. See this thread for ideas & suggestions :goodl:
Re: 1045 won't start and headlights blew out. ***SOLVED!!!***

So, Basically the battery was reading 10.3 volts so I used another battery and jumper cables to get it started. I left the original battery in the tractor. After I unhooked the auxillary battery (motorcycle battery) and revved up the engine, the headlights blew. Checked fuses and all was OK. I unhooked the headlight and took out the bulb and checked the voltage at the socket, it was 19 at idle, 22.5 when 3/4 throttle. I thought *frack* I blew the voltage regulator. When I would turn the key, the lights on the hour meter would light up, and dim slightly when moved to the crank position, but I was getting nothing. Even at the relay.

I unhooked the original battery, and hooked up the motorcycle battery by itself, and shazam it started. Checked the voltage at the headlight socket, it is 14.2 volts. WUNDERBAR!

I'm aff to the store for a new battery.
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