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10323 Dies

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A guy contacted me about my "Lawn-Boy Mowers Wanted" posting on Craigslist - said he had a 10323 that would just die on him - sometimes after a few passes, sometimes got to actually finish cutting. Said he never knew whether it was going to run long enough to cut the whole yard so he went and bought a new mower. He sold me the 10323 for $10!

I got it cleaned up and snapped some pics, but didn't try cutting with it until today. Just like he described - I got about 3 passes around the perimeter of the backyard and the thing died. I primed several times and got it to start back up, but it wouldn't stay running.

This is my first time with a problem like this one - any ideas? Ignition coil? Spark plug? I know for certain that the carb needs some work - guy didn't have the air box cover on completely - filter was nasty. Additionally, this morning I discovered that the float is set incorrectly (there was a puddle of fuel on the floor under it the mower.)

Just looking for the best starting point on this dying 10323 problem. I appreciate your time and advice.


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Found it! Opened up the carb to clean and found a ton of crap in the bowl and packed around the screen filter. Apparently, the gunk loosened and fell back into the bowl when not running. Then, once the mower was started, the gunk began collecting arounnd the filter again until it gathered so much that it eventually choked out the fuel supply.

After a thorough carb cleaning (and resetting the float from just over 9/16" to 7/16") it's running like a champ!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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