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1025r vs 2025 Decision

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Hi Team Green, first time poster but longtime reader. I'd like to tap into the experience those of you who own 1025r's and 2025r have had. I'm looking at purchasing a 60-62" deck, loader, and 47" blower with the tractor. Future purchases would be potentially a brush hog and box blade. The $ diff between the two choices with same implements is $3k. I have 5 acres, 1 1/2 of which is wooded, 2 where the house is and is yard, 1 1/2 is a rougher pasture area (which I mow on occasion). I currently have a JD 335 w/snowthrower, wheel weights. I'm in MN on a blufftop overlooking the Mississippi -- so lots of snow. Some days it doesn't snow but I have 4' packed drifts. I push the 335 to the max.

I have never used a loader. I rent a Bobcat 235 1-2 a year to mow the pasture area with a brushhog, after it is brushhogged I can mow with the 335 if I keep up with the grass, but it is hard on it and I feel pushes it to much. I have both flat and sloped areas. The 335 can mow all areas no problem. I do also have a Toro 36" walk behind commercial grade I use for trim/ backup.

I like the look of the 2025r best; I always think heavier duty is better. Not having the nicer seat is a real disappointment as many have commented on. A specific question I have is will the extra height significantly impact the mowing capability with the deck vs the 1025r. This will be my primary mower and I am real concerned about this issue.

The 1025r with the nice seat, quick change attachments, less intimidating for the wife to drive, looks like more agility has a lot of plusses. Plus $3K less, and I am pushing the budget. The sales guy at dealer seems to be leading me in this direction after we talked.

Maybe there is no wrong answer, but I have waited a lot of years to make a purchase so I want to learn all I can. Your comments and advice are appreciated.
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if you are interested in the 2025r...step up to the is the tractor you really want...:sidelaugh
Thanks for the advice. I had my wife go over and look at the two of them today and she liked the 1025r best. She also said I could add the brush hog as an early Xmas present (probably the only one) :thThumbsU. That worked out well ..... I do have a great wife.

The other funny story, sent my Dad over yesterday to look at the two. Mostly because he has such a good time looking. By the time he left he had traded his JD 115 hp bought last fall for a new 125 hp, and he did remember to look at what I sent him for in the first place. BTW, he was never a FT farmer and rents all the land out ...... :MTF_wel:

Bottom line I have a new 1025r coming next week after my shed is delivered. Its going to be a good week.
Sounds like a very good week indeed. And wife too! They both sound like keepers. Have fun & be safe

Sent from the mountains
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