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1025-6r FILB w/MMM - store w/ implements on or off?

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For you guys who have one, is it easier to store separate, and just mount the implement for the task at hand?
Mine is on its way. I think I’d like to build a small out building to house it, but am unsure how big.
I see myself needing the mower most frequently.
I’m not sure how much more space would be required (foot print needed for the FEL, and BH, and how much room needed to pick up / drop off).
In practice, what do you guys find yourselves doing?
Thanks, George.
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At the moment, I have to store mine with the implements mounted. It's a pain when I have to mow because I drop the loader and backhoe as the ride is a heckuva lot better without them. I've gotten down to being able to drop/connect them in just a few minutes, but it is not the best. I've actually been tossing around the idea of a run in shed, like 69Project is talking about. I want to build mine on a skid and then fill the skid with gravel. The future holds a 30x40 shop but that's a few years out. I've got plenty to keep in that shed once the shop is done also so it wouldn't be a waste.

The footprint isn't huge for either implement. When I mow this upcoming weekend I'll measure out how much space they take up. I need to get a close idea as well for my shed. Unless someone has a general idea off the top of their head.

So to answer your question, I think its definitely easier to store separated and just mount it when you are ready to use it.

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