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1025-6r FILB w/MMM - store w/ implements on or off?

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For you guys who have one, is it easier to store separate, and just mount the implement for the task at hand?
Mine is on its way. I think I’d like to build a small out building to house it, but am unsure how big.
I see myself needing the mower most frequently.
I’m not sure how much more space would be required (foot print needed for the FEL, and BH, and how much room needed to pick up / drop off).
In practice, what do you guys find yourselves doing?
Thanks, George.
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At my old house I purchased a 12x20 shed for my 2305 and was able to fit everything in it except the BH. I didn't have the BH at the time but probably could have made it work.

In the winter time i would park the loader straight back (bucket removed). I was able to back the tractor in so the ballast box was between the loader arms and the snow blower was about 6" from the slide up door. The bucket was on a furniture dolly next to the loader and the mower deck stood upright next to the bucket along the wall, also on a furniture dolly.

In the summer i had plenty of room since the tractor is a good 5 feet shorter without the snow blower on. I put the bucket back on the loader and dropped it on the same spot then the snow blower went along the wall next to it. The ballast box was on the floor between the loader arms. I kept the mower deck on for the summer since i mostly used the tractor for mowing. When i needed to use the loader i would drop the deck in the driveway and put the loader on. When i was done working (and washing the tractor) i would put everything back in the shed and the mower back on the tractor.

all-in all the system worked out quite well. One thing the really helped me was to put all of the implements on dollies then arrange them in the driveway to see how i could store them. I then drew a box around them with some chalk, measured the box, added a foot to the length and width to get the min shed size I needed. When i figured out the biggest shed i could afford i drew a box on the driveway again to see how everything would fit.

oh, make sure you get the inside dimensions of the shed... the shed companies i found advertised the outside dimensions and you need to subtract 8" from the length and width to account for the wall thickness.
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