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100-year old race cars saved from life in museum

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This is good.

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Truly a great clip, more so a documentary film.
I have been a car guy forever,
Here is a rough and very in-complete story on the worlds first exotic super car.
I do own it, and have been researching and working on it for 30 years>>> GEEZ, I am getting old.

BTW, it was built in 1935, and is no bigger than a ac cobra or a porsche.
Respectfully submitted,
Thanks for the compliments Guys !
It is quite the unusual car in time.

I am merely its keeper in time for right now.
The story has about 1/10th of the pictures and story.

I never would have posted it, if it was not for your historical post above.

Ingersoll 444,
I have kept it under wraps over the decades, wanted to gather info, and that continues to this very day, 32 years.
That is why most have never heard about or seen the Speedster

I did choose to let it appear on the History Channels >. American Pickers, > they filmed an episode at my place.
My 20 minutes of Fame, even though the whole Pickers group was here for 7 hours.

Maybe there are a few other " Car " guys herein >>My tractor Forum >> that have other cool pre war race car stories>?
Best regards,
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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