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1 turned into 3

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Last thursday i went to my parents to do some work. When i got there my mom said to me do I want another tractor I was surprised because she is always telling me i have too many. I said do you now what it is and how much she was not sure so she called her friend that had it and asked all she told me was free and come get it. So me and my mom hoped into my little truck and went over. Low and behold it was a JD 210 with snowplow, mower, wheel weights, and tire chains. Then her friends husband said come over here and open up my shed there was a troy built with mulch and bagger for it and an old amf snowblower. He said load them up he cant use them anymore he is on oxygen and even gets badly winded with it on. I asked him what he wanted and he said take them and fix what needs fixed and use them. I was thinking I only needed my little truck needless to say I went back home and got my big truck and trailer. The JD needed carb cleaned and new filter and new drive belts I just finished that stuff up this morning it runs great. The troy built has compression issues I will work on that later and the snowblower I have not done anything with yet.


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that nice have fun
What a great day!:thThumbsU :congrats:
I must have been good for my mom to tell me where I could get tractors.
Yu did REAL well. The Deere is a nice one!
Great score.
Nice score its allways hard to say NO to FREE isn't it
Nice score its allways hard to say NO to FREE isn't it
:ditto: :bannana:
Great deal!! Right place @ the right time!!:congrats:
Great score! slkpk
The wheel weights on the JD 210 was worth the trip ... Good deal !!!

I must have been good for my mom to tell me where I could get tractors.
Take you mom for supper, buy her flowers and ask her what you can do, to repay her kindness.

FREE is the best 4 letter word ,huh???..I have never gotten ANY John Deere tractors for free,never had one period cause everyone wants too much for them here!..

And that is the SECOND vertical shaft snowblower I've ever seen!--one yesterday,and one today I see here on MTF--and in 51 years of living ,I never saw one before,EVER!..:)eek:weird!)..
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Nice Job!
Congrats LumpyB,

That is a great find. I should be so luckly...:i_praying
Jeesh are those the CAST wheel weights?

Deere made them out of precious metal..Deerium. At least by the selling price.
Lumpy done good !

I do feel for the guy that can't play with his tractor's anymore. What a bummer...
Yes those arer the cast weight ABC. I was very surprised when I got there and saw what the tractor was and that almost everything was there for it. The only thing the JD is missing is the linkage for the manual plow angle. It has the rod from the seat and the bracket on the plow but the linkage to pull the pin is missing or it broke. Does anyone have a picture of that set up? I realy like the JD and would like to get it all fixed up. Thanks you guys this site is great.
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