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1 K posts!

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Thought I'd celebrate :fest30: by posting where I frequent the most. I like all the forums on this site, as a person can learn a lot about anywhere here. I plan on being around a while. Thanks!
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It takes awhile...quality instead of quantity is always a good reflection on yourself. Good luck and congrats!
"a person can learn a lot about anywhere here"

I learned how to buy a used Craftsman and spend over 3 Grand in 7 months!

Craftsman GT5000, Tires, Wheel weights, Electric sleeve hitch, 2 Box plows, Disc Harrow, Mold Board Plow, Johnny Bucket with Tooth bar and power dump.
:drunkie: congrats, i don't post alot here but read everyday. i have over 16,000 post on huntingpa
Congrats, scrat2!!! :congrats:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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