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So while visiting my grandparents noticed the HR meter was a shade over 300 on their G110. Now im a mechanical-gear type of guy and burning up hydro trans horror stories have got to me. I believe it has a K66 but not entirely sure. So what i need to know is the change procedure and what type/ how much oil to use. Why im paranoid is they live 3.5 hrs away in the stix with no close parts/dealers and this is their only way to mow 2+ acres. I ALWAYS end up needing a part or something that pops up and it consumes the following weekend and gas/time to get out there. As of right now it has the kohler Vtwin headgasket/ oil fouling problem so next time I'm in its going to be G110 disassembly weekend and hopefully re assembly. Honestly I love deere but this thing is a turd and the only thing that has not given us issues is the trans and I want to keep it that way.
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