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  1. Mid Mount ZTR
    Have an opportunity to acquire a 2011 Zforce S54 with 127hrs on it. Looks like it has seen some weather ... Faded color, some rust areas on deck with paint chipped off. Mowed well when I put it through its paces in their yard area ... Did steep hill, wide open spaces, turns each side, reverse...
  2. Pit Row
    I have a 23HP Z-Force 60" zero turn mower. While mowing the blades disengaged and it seemed the clutch was shot. After replacing the clutch with a brand new one I mowed for about 30 minutes, heard a noise and the blades stopped. The new clutch was laying behind the mower smoking hot with the 4"...
  3. Front Mount ZTR
    Ok. So I’ve been working on this Toro Timecutter Z4220 for a while now. I diagnosed that the right side transmission went bad. I bought a brand new replacement part ($$$$$) and finished the install this morning. I had the unit up on jack stands with the wheels off to perform the neautral...
  4. John Deere Forum
    I just purchased a home on about 6 acers that needs mowed. Talking with a guy to buy his 2019 John Deere 950M, 60" deck with about 360 hrs on it. $6500 seems like a good deal. What do you think?
  5. Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    Hello, I currently have a zero turn mower for my own yard, and I am considering offering to cut the grass for a property about 1.5 miles away. I own a truck but the mower is to big for the bed and I do not own a trailer. I wanted to run an idea by everyone to see if its reasonable before I start...
1-5 of 5 Results