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  1. Lawn and Garden Tractor Accessories
    Hi, does any know a good Striper kit for an x495 with a 54 inch deck. I’ve looked online and they all don’t say they have compatibility with my mower. I have a budget of about 200 usd.
  2. John Deere Forum
    Does anyone have any information on the flat plate/bracket used in this picture (or a similar concept) to mount a ROPS to an x400/x700 series tractor? The ROPS bars are easy to come by but I've been unable to locate an adapter plate that would make it work with my x475. Ideally looking for a way...
  3. John Deere Forum
    My three point hitch hasn't been staying locked in the upper position, how would I go about keeping it locked? Any information would be helpful.
  4. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I just bought a John Deere X485 with a 25 horse Kawasaki fuel injected motor. When I start it, it runs rough and smokes. I replaced the gas and plugs. If I pull a plug wire off either side of the motor, the engine runs much smoother. Any ideas?
  5. X485

    X485 plowing snow
  6. X485

    X485 with Woods rake
  7. X485

  8. Washed X485

  9. My X485 w/Blower

1-9 of 9 Results