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  1. John Deere
    Hello everyone! Just purchased a 755 and already moved some dirt with it! One thing I noticed (after I got dark out) is the right side lights do not work but the left does. The fender headlight and taillights do not function on the right at all, but the left side has hazards and lights as...
  2. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Guys (non-binary definition), I just replaced my 5 point ignition switch, starter solenoid, wiring harness and voltage regulator. The replacement harness did not have the same wire colors as the OEM so I have had to use a multimeter and OHM out the connections to what I believe is the correct...
  3. Small Engines and Repair
    Two wires recently broke right at the solenoid on my mower. One red wire runs to the engine plug, while the other red wire goes through a fuse to the ignition switch. While I'm not a mechanic, I have learned to do basic repairs on the mower over the many years I've had it. I'm looking for...
  4. Mahindra
    I just purchased a 2017 Mahindra 1533 HST tractor at a fair price knowing that the tractor was leaking fuel. The tractor only had 150 original hours and I bought it as is. These tractors are known for faulty fuel lines and I assumed that I cld take change these out and hope for the best. I was...
  5. John Deere
    I have a GX335. Nothing special or fancy. Just the mower. I’m trying to figure out which wires on my PTO switch are actually the ones responsible for engaging the pto when closed. I can’t seem to find a wiring diagram that shows it anywhere. Thank y’all in advance
1-5 of 5 Results