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white smoke
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  1. Small Engines and Repair
    Snapper YT2350 YT400 Series 50" Lawn Tractor (aka Riding Mower) B&S Vanguard V-Twin 23hp Model 386777 Type 0111-E1 Code 0705241 Part 2690752 Purchased February 2009 Mow Two Acres in Ohio (grass and mole hills), April-October. We live in the county, nowhere near a town. Hometown USA. Dealer is a...
  2. Kioti
    Hello all. Brand new to this forum. Actually it's my very first forum I've ever been a part of. I have a 5 year old DS4510 Kioti tractor. Although I am mechanically inclined I'm not a mechanic so I'll try and explain my issue as best as I can. I turn the ignition left to activate the glow...
1-2 of 2 Results