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  1. Massey Ferguson
    I slammed into a flat faced rock behind a bush very hard; bent the rim beyond repair. Was lucky not to hurt my neck; windshield put quite a lump on my noggin. Went looking for a wheel, which was quite difficult for two local dealers to identify. I couldn't find it aftermarket, and the dealers...
  2. Bolens Forum
    I have a 1050 with rear 8x8.5-12 tires. They're (obviously) extremely old and started to leak last year during my attempts to clean up and repair the tractor after stuffing away due to various problems. The tire size doesn't exist anymore nor are the any listings even remotely for this size...
  3. Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum
    So I got my new to me 7116 up and running and mowing. Was out giving it a few laps around the yard and started up a incline and lost traction (turf saver tires) and had wheel spin. I was under the impression that the other tire would lock in to make up for the right drive wheel spinning. Am I...
  4. Kubota
    Hey everyone, new to the forum. Just picked up a kubota L260 that needs new front rims/wheels but I do not k ow what the size and lug pattern is. I have searched on Google for days and can't find anything. I have reached out to the local kubota dealer but haven't heard back. Any help is greatly...
  5. John Deere Forum
    I have a new to me LA120 with about 240 hours on it. Overall it was reasonably maintained by a local dealer. However it’s showing it’s age and all four corners have some wheel wobble. I know repair options exist for the front (spindles/bearing upgrades) but unsure of what my options are for the...
  6. Closeup Of Wheel

    closeup of wheel
1-6 of 6 Results