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  1. Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    i have this deck off of a wheel horse 14 automatic that had a 5 1010 deck on it and i want to put that deck on my gt 14. will it work?
  2. Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    I have a 1969 wheel horse charger 10 that I'm trying to sell. Would anyone be interested. I live in Washington sate. I put over a 100 horse into it this summer sanding and painting it. I It has a hydro matic transmission and come with the original HH100 motor and has the cutting deck. The motor...
  3. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    Hi all, I’m a new member here and I’m looking at buying a garden tractor. I just bought a house with a little less than a 1/2 acre. I know it’s not much but I’d prefer a tractor to cut grass and plow/ blow snow. Most of the time I’ll be cutting grass or moving snow, but I will be putting it to...
  4. Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    I picked up a C-160 for a 100 dollars, snow plow, 42" rear discharge deck, and chisel plow. He said when he put it away years ago it ran but was losing power. I could get it to pop and rough idle for like 5 second then thats it. I put on a new fuel pump, cleaned carb and still does not work. I...
  5. Horses Ready

    Can't keep grandsons out of the seat!
  6. Horses Ready

    Can't work the Stallions enough!
  7. Before Pic Rear

    1977 B80 Wheel Horse Restoration
  8. Before Pic Right Side

    1977 B80 Wheel Horse Restoration
  9. Before Pic Left Side

    1977 B80 Wheel Horse Restoration
  10. Wheelhorse And Troybilt

    1975 wheel horse c160 and 2008 troybilt bronco
  11. Troybilt

    my 2008 troybilt bronco plowing
  12. Troybilt

    2002 polaris sportsman 700 stuck
  13. 1958 Wheel Horse Ride-Away Jr. RJ-58 with CBR-32 32" Sickle Mower

    1958 Wheel Horse Ride-Away Jr. RJ-58 with CBR-32 32" Sickle Mower
  14. Wheel horse projects

    Tractor i bought for $150 For parts that mine needed!!! Not much left on this tractor now! Took the duals and plow off!
  15. Wheel horse projects

    When i first got it and started to completely take apart!!!
1-20 of 30 Results