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troy bilt
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  1. Troy-Bilt Forum
    Does anybody have pictures or info to identify old, old Troy Bilt tillers? We were told our tiller is a 1947 Troy Bilt. My uncle had bought it used. He died in 2003.
  2. Troy-Bilt Forum
    I have a Troybilt gtx.18. I've had this for 7 yrs and it has a little over 1000 hrs. About 3 yrs ago it developed a small leak that I thought was coming from the right axle seal. I put in a new one but it still continues to leak. It didn't really effect the performance for a couple more yrs and...
  3. MTD
    Hey everyone! I have a MTD F-N-R transmission from a Troy-Bilt Bronco (Model 13aj609g766) with the vari-drive ‘go pedal’ setup (not shift on the go, but that doesn’t make a difference, trans is the same). It was out to the trash and I saved it a while ago. Made various posts here about valves...
  4. Tiller Talk
    Hey folks, Anyone have a line on where to get a throttle cable for #856336 Troybilt Horse III M8T Kohler tiller? After doing a modest reno on the engine fuel system and trans/tines seals, I'd like to start this baby up but I see the cable is either rusted/kinked/otherwise stuck in the throttle...
  5. Troy-Bilt Forum
    I think i may have accidentally turned off the mower while in forward gearthe last time i used it. Now the mower wont start. Starter squeals and is trying to turn flywheel, which may spin once or twice but thats it and will not start. Sometimes it even sounds like the engine is about to start...
1-5 of 5 Results