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  1. Tiller Talk
    I bought a PTO Horse with the 6HP Tecumseh engine a couple months ago. It was working just fine, but I realized that a previous owner had disconnected the governor from the carb, and had the throttle cable going directly to the carb, bypassing the lever. The air filter was also only loosely held...
  2. Tiller Talk
    Model: 12069 SN: 120690100380 A year or so ago my dad and I pulled my grandfathers old tiller out of the family’s collapsing barn. It hasn’t ran in about 10 or so years. I started to tinker with it in the past 2 weeks. My grandpa Jerry rigged a lot of stuff on it and I’m fixing everything. I...
  3. 1980 Troy-Bilt Horse II, 7hp Pro

    Bare metal restoration... a winter's long odyssey. Just decals and a few details to go.
1-3 of 3 Results