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    Good Afternoon, I have a 1970(?) Landlord 3210v, and am looking to do a few upgrades. The one most important to me is some form of Hydraulics. I would like to mount a pump under the belly of the tractor, similar to the position for the mid mount mower deck. Im not doing anything fancy with...
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  3. Lawn Trailer

    Lawn Trailer

    Harbor Freight, sand blasted & painted JD Green.
  4. Trailer Hitch

    Trailer Hitch

    It bolts to the 3 point hitch attachment two 1/2 bolts and two 7/16 bolts
  5. Trailer Hitch

    Trailer Hitch

    this is the top view of my trailer hitch. My buddy welded 1/8in plate triangles to a 1/4 plate attachment
  6. Home made trailer

    Home made trailer

    Trailer for the BX2360