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  1. Walk Behind Mowers
    I had a what I think is a toro circa 1960 whirlwind wind it to start walk behind mower that was stolen and I’m trying to figure out the value of it I really liked that old work horse always started the first time without fail Any information would be helpful
  2. Walk Behind Mowers
    I found this old toro whirlwind? 18” walk behind deck and can’t find out anything about it. serial number is 21016-13028. thanks
  3. Mid Mount ZTR
    I believe it is a 2009 model. 208 hours. It starts great the first time but after the engine gets warm it is very hard to crank again. If I turn it over and over and over it will crank but I fear I will wear the starter and battery out. 4-5 years ago it did the same thing and reading one of...
  4. Toro/Wheelhorse Forum
    Hi, I’m posting this in Toro, but the answer might be more general. I’m attempting a rebuild of the 16hp B&S engine in my Toro 16-38hxl. The engine number is 286h77 0121 E1. I has assumed from the initial numbers that this engine must be a 280000 series engine. However the dimensions of the...
  5. Front Mount ZTR
    Ok. So I’ve been working on this Toro Timecutter Z4220 for a while now. I diagnosed that the right side transmission went bad. I bought a brand new replacement part ($$$$$) and finished the install this morning. I had the unit up on jack stands with the wheels off to perform the neautral...
  6. Walk Behind Mowers
    I just picked up a pretty sweet one owner lawnboy 7263 from around 1974, which supposedly runs, however the recoil assembly is malfunctioning. I found a video how to remove one but it looked like a slightly different engine. There is a nut that is supposed to loosen which allows the recoil...
  7. My Toro Tractor

    2007 Toro lawntractor
  8. My Toro Tractor

    2007 Toro lawntractor
  9. My Toro Tractor

    2007 Toro lawntractor
  10. My Toro Tractor

    2007 Toro lawntractor
  11. 1959 Toro Whirlwind

    my new it runing
  12. 1959 Toro Whirlwind

    my new it runing
  13. 1959 Toro Whirlwind

    my new it runing
  14. Toro Professional

    1968 Toro Professional 70" cut. Drove 4 hours to get this barn find. She hadn't been ran in over 10 years. Some new belts and she'll be good as new.
  15. Found On Craigslist

    66 or 67 toro descendant of springfield fiberglass grill, hood, fenders 8hp kohler, 3spd
  16. toro

    looking for info on this
  17. 1992 TORO 520H 20HP. ONAN

    Almost factory fresh
  18. Toro, Toro, Toro!

    Toro LX500 handling 5.5 acres like a pro.
1-18 of 18 Results