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  1. For Sale & Wanted to Buy (Your Location)
    Im looking for a Tecumseh V60 engine for a Colt twin 6 garden tractor. The one I have is in to bad of conditions to repair are the block is so oxidized and pitted from the mice living in it for so long. If anyone has one please let me know. Thanks everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday with...
  2. Bolens Forum
    I need a replacement carburetor for my bolens G14, i just rebuilt the motor and the needle is no good in the carb so the engine is not getting fuel, it had a Walbro LMH 4-16 on it, if anyone has a known good one or knows a good equivalent that would be great thank you so much!
  3. Before 10 Hp Tecumseh

    Before 10 Hp Tecumseh

    This is the before pic of my tecumseh 10 engine,in the new one I replaced rings,valves,valve lifters and new valve springs.
  4. Tecumseh 10 Hp

    Tecumseh 10 Hp

    After picture of my tecumseh 10 hp,hh100 engine after the rebuild and to be installed into a 66 suburban,after some modifications and paint for a pulling tractor project