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  1. John Deere Forum
    Hey folks, I'm shopping remotely for my mother. Hoping to order parts before heading over to install. She has the JD X500 and I'd like to find a snow plow for it. I've found a number of plows online on FB Marketplace but none of them have come with any kind of lift mechanism. Is this...
  2. CUT Implements and Accessories
    Hello, I have a patent pending design for changing the angle of a snow blade by tilting the FEL. You can see it here: TiltPlow – I am looking for feedback as I look to market the design. Target customer: 1) Has an FEL that has a float function for the arms 2) Does...
  3. Pushing Snow

    Pic from the seat of my Husqvarna tractor pushing snow.
  4. A Slip-on Snow Scraper Made

    1/2 x 8" flat.2x3"tube pcs.Bottom is a tread cut from a semi truck tire.Held on with ratchet straps.
  5. Gravely 18G Completely Outfitted For Winter

    48" Snow blade, front and rear wheel weights, and chains installed. All the paint has been touched up so this machine is at last 100%
1-5 of 5 Results