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  1. Snow Removal Equipment
    Hi Everyone! I wandered over from the Walk Behind section because I need help with my Snapper snow blower. This is a single stage unit with the Flathead Briggs and Stratton 5HP engine. The issue I am having is that I can not find paddles. Therefore, has anyone seen a source where I could...
  2. Snapper Forum
    I recently got an old Snapper that I have fallen in love with. The old girl needs some attention, and I can't do right by her without knowing what model she is. Can any of you all help me identify my Snapper model? It has a Honda GXV270, which was a dealer installed upgrade, from what I was...
  3. Small Engines and Repair
    I removed the set screw with an allen wrench easily. Have sprayed the key down with liquid wrench 3 different times and let is set for hours even days. Should I be trying to push the key out the direction of the yellow or red arrow in my picture illustration? You can see in the picture i have...
  4. Snapper Forum
    Model : 3014524BVE Has lost "bite". Will not move without assistance in 1st gear and gradually gets momentum if I take off in top gear (5th). I have replaced the engagement spring that attaches to back of tractor frame. It engages the rubber drive wheel to the top drive disk. I put the spring...
  5. Snapper Forum
    Hello, guys I have had a look around for some related comments but can’t see any to do with this issue. I have bought a 2nd hand RD1840 Snapper which has a Tuff Torq K46, when it arrived ran ok then got slower and slower, it also made a lot of noise, particularly when on a slight hill...
  6. The Collection

    The Collection

  7. 1990 Snapper Hi-vac With Blade Brake Clutch

    1990 Snapper Hi-vac With Blade Brake Clutch

    Originally this Snapper had a 4 hp Briggs motor, now a 6hp Tecumseh OHV Enduro after a re-freshening a few years ago.
  8. Snapper Lt16

    Snapper Lt16

    Custom black duct tape seat!
  9. Snapper Lt16

    Snapper Lt16

    In need of some new running board pads!
  10. Snapper Lt16

    Snapper Lt16

    The old 41" dual blade deck
  11. Snapper Lt16

    Snapper Lt16

    Red takin a breather in idle.
  12. Snapper Lt16

    Snapper Lt16

    Red sittin in the garage.
  13. 1989 Yt12

    1989 Yt12

    89yt12413 original owner