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  1. Tiller Talk
    My dad ran a solo residential landscaping small business for many years - and he is now many years retired, so it's time to make room! He took meticulous care of all tools and stored everything in a tool shed or garage. Now I am helping him re-home some of the larger items. (Millennial...
  2. John Deere Forum
    Looking into the idea of putting a 3pt and pto kit on my x738. I know these tractors run rear pto driven rotor tillers easily. The hp requirements for most 48” tillers are 25-40 hp. Same as 48” rotary brush hogs. Question is has anyone done this before? How well does it work? I see guys doing it...
  3. Tiller Talk
    Hello i got this tiller for free and its problem was no spark. The coil pack does not have a connector up top so to replace/remove I have to take off the flywheel. The issue with that is in front of that there is a aluminum bracket that was part of the recoil system. After soaking the aluminum...
1-3 of 3 Results