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  1. Backyard Round Table: L & G Tractor Related Topics
    I have a 1985ish Ford LT12 and it is missing one of its pulleys. I’m not sure if I can simply order the size I need or if it must be a specific one. I figured there would be some well knowing individuals on here that could give me guidance Thanks Sam
  2. Lawn and Garden Tractors By Brand
    Hi New to the site, so I have a Poulan Pro garden tractor that has no engine, and I have a good running Kohler Command 12.5. Model: CV12.5S Spec. NO: 1259 Serial Number: 2329905094. So what my issue is that the mower it came off of had a electric PTO and the Poulan Pro does not, just wonder if...
  3. John Deere
    Hello all. I need help to determine the correct size/part number for the deck idler pulleys and the spacer on a John Deere 46" deck tractor model 260/265. Thanks!
  4. Small Engines and Repair
    I removed the set screw with an allen wrench easily. Have sprayed the key down with liquid wrench 3 different times and let is set for hours even days. Should I be trying to push the key out the direction of the yellow or red arrow in my picture illustration? You can see in the picture i have...
  5. Craftsman/Sears Forum
    Hello! I have a Sears SS14. I have a question about the mule drive pulleys. The manual says they are part numbers 634A565 and 634A566. Are those 4" pulleys or 5" pulleys? Thanks.
  6. Water Pump For Honda 4514

    water pump pulley
1-6 of 6 Results