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  1. John Deere Forum
    Hey, so I am in the first year of ownership, and this is the first winter using the x595. I don’t have anything to do with it over the winter so I thought it’s a good idea to start it up once a week and let it run for 15-20 min to keep it from having a drained battery. There is a high pitch...
  2. Massey Ferguson
    Hi all, Looking for any info or advice. I recently bought a Massey 383, I believe it’s a 1993. Was a private sale and when I tested PTO it was little hesitant, but engages every time.(uncoupled) I have it at home now and wanted to hook to my brush mower. It couples up fine, however I go to...
  3. John Deere Forum
    Hello all! Pardon the length of this, I just want to make sure everyone is informed of what is going on. I picked up a 455 that needed some work. I had some wires in the harness that had bad insulation, but the wires were good. I fixed them. The machine came from Texas, so a lot of the wires...
  4. PTO

    BIG John Deeres
    Hey everyone I have a John Deere 6400 that when you turn the pto on it comes on for about 20 seconds then the light on the dash flashes and it stop and you can flip the switch off then back on and it will come back on for a few seconds I have replaced the pto module and then speed sensor I...
  5. John Deere
    I have a GX335. Nothing special or fancy. Just the mower. I’m trying to figure out which wires on my PTO switch are actually the ones responsible for engaging the pto when closed. I can’t seem to find a wiring diagram that shows it anywhere. Thank y’all in advance
  6. Iseki
    Hello all, awhile back I got my hand on a h1502 and i was told the the front pto drive belt for the belly deck needed to be replaced. I have tried taking it apart to get the old belts off, but to no avail. Any advice on how to remove the front pto so i can access the belts? Thanks!
  7. Ford/New Holland Tractors
    Hey guys, I am wondering how I tell what kind of pto setup I have. I’m unsure how to tell the difference with independent and live or even if I have dual clutch without having to split it. I can’t engage pto with tractor running as it just grinds gears with clutch engaged or not (I think if it...
  8. Gravely Pto And Lift

    Gravely Pto And Lift

    Cleaning out my garage I found the Power Take Off parts from my 1964 Gravely Lawn Tractor and Snowplow... Still sorry I let my son talk me into disposing of it and wish the internet had been around to get it a new home. Any one need?