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  1. John Deere Forum
    So i just did one part of the yard with no problem but now the battery light comes on and my pto wont engage. Just had to replace the battery too if thats any significance. Its a jd 318. If anyone has any suggestions id really be thankfull.
  2. Ariens/Pre 1990 New Holland
    Hey all! Just picked up this GT18 last night. It's got a fun little issue with it. Wanted some folks with experience to chime in to let me know how bad I've got it. So currently the lift control is stuck in the back. The pin for the latch (sorry for not knowing all the correct terms) is broken...
  3. Power King & Economy Tractors
    My 1980 Power King 2418 starts up just fine, but when I engage the electric clutch to drive the mower the tractor shuts down. The mower turns freely, so the problem appears to be electrical. I suspect the problem lies in the clutch, or the clutch switch, or in the wiring. There are no safety...
  4. John Deere Forum
    Need some help with troubleshooting. Dad and I put on a new muffler, and took the PTO off to do so. When we put it back on, the PTO would not engage. we were sure that it was because the clutch wasn't gapped to 018. I gapped it exactly to 018 at all 3 points, and it still won't engage. I get...
  5. John Deere Forum
    I have a JD 314 and the PTO will not engage. I was mowing and turned off the PTO so I could lower the cutting height with the knob. After I lowered the cutting height the PTO would not re engage. The tractor turns on and runs just fine. The hydraulic lift on the deck works fine as well. I took...
1-5 of 5 Results